Protein And How To Get The Most From It

One of the most important food groups, Proteins are largely classified as body building food. A decrease in the protein reserves of the body can lead to serious health conditions such as a breakdown of the muscles, tissues, bones as well as a serious challenge to growth.

So what are the food groups that can supply the body with proteins? Well for starters, all forms of meat, whether lean or red as well as nuts, legumes, pulses are great sources of proteins. Add to this soy, seafood, and eggs and you have a wide range of options for your diet. The only catch in this is however, to limit the intake of red meat as a regular intake of red meat can lead to heart disorders as these are usually known to contain fat in excessive proportions. Opt instead for soy and soy products, or lean meat and seafood to provide your body with not just proteins but also essential vitamins and minerals.

Another important function of proteins is to create blood in our bodies. Hemoglobin is a compound made of Iron and protein which in turn is responsible for the production of Red Blood Cells in our body.

If you are worried about exceeding your protein intake, here are the recommended levels. An ounce of fish or meat, an egg should make up the major portions of proteins in your daily diet. Supplement these with a few assorted nuts or a bit of butter. Add more milk products to the diet of children as they need more proteins for their growth and tissue building. Consider buying fresh meat and fish instead of using processed food as these tend to be higher in sodium, which is both detrimental for the overall nutrition as well cut down on the overall absorbing ability of the proteins. Adhering to sensible eating can go a long way in maximizing the benefits of proteins.